#13x13challenge with buggy: Day 6

Date: 06 June 2020

Miles today: 13.1

Total miles: 80.2 and still not on the top spot of our running club’s leaderboard! (Ron, if you are reading this, can you please NOT run tomorrow? Thank you 😂)

Highlight of the run: Running with a fellow Datchet Dasher (which is the best running club you can imagine) (actually the only running I’ve ever been part of so I have no real comparison).

I am traditionally a bit of a loner and a solo runner. However, since the beginning of lockdown/ my furlough, I have had 95% of my real-life conversations with a 2 year old which is mildly brainwashing. The last time I spent in a company of an adult was five days ago, so it was simply delightful to talk to a grown up about grown up things while jogging in the Windsor Great Park today.

I am starting to realise I find way more enjoyment in social interactions when I don’t have too many of them (three one hour sessions per week would do). So since I will need to start job hunting at some point, I am trying to figure out what kind of work can I do that will allow me to run every day and spend a lot of time on my own. Any ideas? 😂

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