#13x13challenge with buggy: Day 2

Date: 02 June 2020

Miles today: 14.2

Total miles: 27.3

Highlight of the run: Spotting a fellow buggy runner – one child in a buggy and the other one cycling alongside her. Genius! Now I know what to do once my monster does not fit into the buggy any more. Problem solved!

Today I did my most favourite route of all. I just love running/walking alongside rivers. Water surfaces are always enchanting, and my two rivers give me a sense of peace, tranquility and also joy. There is no other place you can experience these feelings – but in nature. So I do love to venture out and follow my river paths which are at some places fairly traily. The Thames Path from Dorney Lake all the way up to Taplow is bumpy, with dips and stones and tree roots. It was impossible to conquer with my old running buggy, so I am super thrilled that my new buggy just whizzes through the terrain. The suspension is great so my little passenger does not complain. If you are looking for a running buggy, then I totally recommend the one I have – an excellent value for money. I will write a more detailed review in a couple weeks’ time.

Oh and I also got carried away and accidentally took a longer route which added an extra mile on top of my half marathon. I promise myself that I won’t do even one step over 13.1 miles in the next 11 days 😉

Now I shall enjoy my (alcohol-free) beer (I am an athlete after all and my body is a temple! 😁 ) while planning tomorrow’s route.

Thanks for reading and for your support!

2 thoughts on “#13x13challenge with buggy: Day 2”

  1. ha! I follow you on Instagram, and clicked over too read the blog. Woman you are so amazing! Very very impressive, and very proud of the alcohol-free aspect as well! Carry on, -Damon (thebardahut) on IG

    1. Hey Damon, thanks for kind words! I don’t want to sound like a saint – I do have prosecco in my fridge but will drink it as a treat, not as my daily bread. I noticed I am naturally making healthier choices since I started running – two birds one stone 🙂 Btw I love you insta pictures and your style 💅😎 Thanks for reading ❤✌

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