Armageddon Diaries 23 March

Sleep: 6 and half hours! Despite hearing “ready, steady, go” from my child’s bedroom at 1 am and then again at 3:30 am..

Toilet roll count: One less than yesterday but still enough, however not too many.

Schools: Shut. Auto correct. Shit.

Okay now on a serious note – Britons, stop being dickheads!

I have 3 packs of pasta at home (=pasta rich). So I offered one to my friend’s son because he is a key worker and needs it more than I do.

Yes, we all live in an extraordinary uncertainty when our freedoms, comforts, living and even lives are being threatened, but it does not mean we have the right to be cruel. If anything, now is the time to show some kindness. This is our chance to demonstrate that we as mankind and also as individuals are considerate and supportive of each other. If you don’t take this opportunity to do something nice for the ones who need it now, the fiver you’ll donate to charity next year will mean f all. So stop hoarding toilet paper and be kind. Just be kind. One little act of kindness per day will do. Because if you are not kind now, during tough times, you are a dickhead and there is no helping you.

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