Armageddon Diaries: 18 March 2020

Sleep: 5 and half hours (2 hours increase since the night before)

Toilet rolls count: enough

Wine stock: 18 bottles. *Starts calculating a complex formula that would determine how many bottles are needed for this lock-down thing. The first draft of the formula is:

X (which is the amount of wine bottles required) = the amount of days in self-isolation x average anxiety level (scale 1 to 5) x 1 if schools are open or 3 if schools are shut / orgasms per day + number of miles ran per day

Putting this into practice:

14 days in self-isolation x anxiety of 2 x 3 (schools shut soon) / 0 orgasms + 13 miles = 6.5 bottles of wine required. Sounds about right.

Risk of redundancy: 50/50, not in the immediate future luckily.

Schools: shutting soon. Lord give us strength!

Achievement of the day: Two loads of laundry and a lone half marathon PB that took 5 mins off my previous PB last autumn.

I am going to bed now, wishing to wake up in the good old world as we used to know it. Perhaps this was just one of the virtual reality games…

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