Me + run-commute = love at first stride

I’ve gone mad (ok, I might have been mad to start with) and just completed my first run-commute today!

You, slaves of the office and 9 to 5 victims, you who struggle squeezing a run in because in the morning it’s too early and in the evening it’s too late. You totally should try to run-commute. Why? If nothing else, because it’s often faster than driving or taking public transport! Especially during a rush hour…

On Monday, the idea of run-commuting flew into my funnel (if you don’t watch Thomas the tank engine, please ignore my choice of words). On Tuesday I bought the first running backpack I saw. On Wednesday, I was looking for reasons not to do this and since I haven’t found any valid ones, today – on Thursday I have done it.

First impressions: It’s hard work. It feels odd running with a bag because it changes your posture and the way you move your arms. You feel like a teenage mutant ninja turtle. A well-secured bag is definitely essential. Also, be careful what you pack in it because every pound makes it a little harder.

On top of that, people think you are bonkers. Changing into lycra in our HQ toilets and then trying to sneak out while everyone stares at me like “What’s this clown doing here?” is mildly intimidating. Also, when you are running with a backpack people outside stare at you too. Passing cars beep (if you are a female). But sod them all! Sod them because this not-so-teenage ninja turtle is on fire and will keep run-commuting whenever she can.

I cannot recommend this enough. Join the club!

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