And how’s your new year’s resolution going?

24th January. Most of you have given up on dry January. (Luckily the dry January idea never even crossed my mind.) I am still going strong on my new year’s resolution, partially inspired by the tragic events of New Year’s Eve.

It’s Friday evening. 8:30 pm. I just stopped working. Those who know me can confirm that this is about an hour earlier than my usual “close of play”. The washing machine cycle has finished and I am not taking the laundry out. Instead I am sitting on my sofa with my feet up. TV off. Music on full blast. I haven’t done this for years.

I have been on an autopilot for the past two years (the never ending cycle of work and parenting) and only now I am starting to learn how to be alive again. How to dream. How to feel. How to listen to the butterflies in my stomach – to the butterflies I thought were long gone.

So I guess this is a message to all you busy people: Stop! Stop using the “being busy” excuse as a reason why you don’t think about your feelings, your desires, your pain, your memories, you future hopes and aspirations. Take a breath. Look around. Be human again.

It’s 24th January and I am learning to walk again and making baby steps towards becoming the person I used to be.

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