Shall I train my baby like a dog?

Have you watched “Train Your Baby Like a Dog” on Channel 4 last the other night? No? You should have!

This show has caused a huge outrage and there is even a petition going around to cancel it. Apparently, it’s dehumanising and indefensible. Yes, using a dog clicker (which appeared to be a tiny tiny tiny fraction of this parenting strategy) is not a traditional approach to parenting.

I am thinking of all the parents who have to suffer through tantrums of their naughty little devils and through sleepless nights full of screams – parents who I’m sure applied all traditional methods of parenting. If you were one of them, wouldn’t you try just about anything to make your child behave? I certainly would.

So before signing a petition to cancel Train Your Child Like a Dog, maybe we should consider signing a petition to ban other reality shows like for example….uhmmm… Love Island. Or Batchelor. Because to me these shows seem more dehumanising and indefensible than a programme about making your child well-behaved and happy.

And actually, if you did watch the show – it was really about kids’ happiness and about fulfilling their needs, because their undesirable behaviour was proven to stem from their needs (attention, safety and security) not being fulfilled. To me, the show was extremely insightful! No, I won’t be shopping for a dog cliker anytime soon, but if I was really really desperate I would certainly consider it. Feel free to judge me 🙂

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