Happy birthday to Mummy!

Yesterday it was my birthday! Yay! 15 months old @Derrys_Diary got up at 5:20 am to celebrate. Shortly afterwards, he scattered crushed cheerios all over sofa (first breakfast) and rubbed yogurt into his hair (second breakfast). Then he started banging on neighbours’ wall (to celebrate my birthday of course) before deciding he’s hungry some more. So instead of making myself a cup of coffee, I cooked him a puree of apples, nectarines and carrots, and he went ballistic because it took four and half minutes to cool it down.

At 8 am, when I got tired of him hitting his head with an empty cereal bowl and using the wifi router as a football, I dispatched him to the nursery where he had a meltdown because they already stopped serving breakfast and he was incredibly hungry.

At 8:30 am I was already exhausted and opened a bottle of prosecco. More prosecco followed in my local Wetherspoon’s (posh!) accompanied by a £5.95 burger and neverending depressing statements from @Derrys_Diary dad who was leaving on a jet plane in a few hours time. Later on at home when I attempted to get some birthday attention (i.e. a snog), he started clipping his nails behind my back while hugging me. And they say romance is dead.

As soon as he left for the airport I rushed to my local pub for a drink with the girls. When I arrived, the bar manager wished me a happy birthday and pointed at prepared bottle of prosecco and pre-chilled glasses. He refused to tell me who arranged and paid for it, and I for a brief moment hoped that the mysterious person was a handsome thoughtful guy with an athletic body shape and an above average IQ. Obviously, it wasn’t Him, and the “secret admirer” turned out to be one of my girl friends (thanks Noels!).

I left my birthday session 1 hour and 47 minutes later as I had to do a Tesco run before collecting my hungry child from the nursery. After countless tantrums and dramas, I sent him to bed, tidied up his toys, put the laundry on and washed the dishes, before collapsing onto my bed and falling asleep at about 9pm.

Yes, on my birthday I did wish for flowers and heart-shaped chocolates and actual gifts (ideally jewelerry or spa treatment vouchers) wrapped in glittery paper and fancy ribbons. At the same time, I could not possibly be unhappy, neither disappointed, because looking at the face of my little @Derrys_Diary, I knew I had no right to ever wish for anything else in my life, because I do already have the one thing that really matters.

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