Surprisingly random benefits of having a baby

Happy Mother’s Day mums of the world! Let’s admit that being a mum is not what you imagined it would be. I’m not going to go on about how tough it is and how people should appreciate you more. Instead, I will tell you about a few random and unexpected benefits I started experiencing as a direct result of becoming a parent:

  • Muscles!

Yeah that’s right mama – think of all the times when you carry your little one around, push the buggy, or do all the housework one-handed with your child clinging onto whatever part of your body they get hold of. This all is a huge workout without having to enter the gym! Go on, check out your biceps (and check out mine in the photo below :))

  • The Candy Crush master

Sometimes it takes ages (or longer) to send your little one to dreamland. I use that time wisely and work on becoming a real pro at Candy Crush. Please note there are other games available so if killing zombies is your thing, then perhaps you’d want to give Plants vs Zombies a go. One of my special skills is singing a lullaby while secretly gaming on my discretely hidden phone.

  • The art of not caring

You suddenly find yourself not giving a toss about things that used to be seemingly important, such as whether the new hot guy at work is married, or when the next Take That tour takes place. You just don’t care any more because these kind of issues are now simply beyond your caring capacity.

  • Jedi

The force is strong with you. You can catch a falling spoon before it hits the ground. You manage to move away a hot beverage half a millisecond before a tiny little hand reaches for it. As if by magic, you are able to insert your hand (or any other body part) between a dangerous object (usually a corner) and the head of your falling child.

  • You love Mondays!

Because work is often less stressful than being at home and at times it can even appear to be therapeutic.

  • The little things…

You learn to appreciate the little things. Like peeing unattended. Or drinking tea while it’s still hot. Or watching a whole episode of Great British Bake Off at once which is what I’m going to attempt to do right now 🙂

So happy Mother’s Day! Have some prosecco and let me know about your own unexpected “superpowers”…

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