Why I am NOT a feminist

Happy International Women’s Day!

I’m a woman (clearly) and I love women (not sexually). Nonetheless, I am NOT a feminist. Men and women are not equal. But before you get all angry, let me explain:

Men and women are simply not the same, so how can they be equal? Look at for instance a lamb curry with pilau rice and a cookie dough ice cream sundae with caramel sauce. They are both food, but don’t you dare telling me they are equal. They are not equal because they are simply different! I’m not saying one dish is better than the other – no way. I’m simply suggesting that you can’t perceive them as the same.

Now back to men and women. I’m pro equal pay and equal vote and all that equal stuff… however, there are some areas men and women will never be equal in.

First of all, women give birth. Men don’t (although apparently men flu is close to that experience). When I was pregnant, I realised I could get away with almost anything (at work and outside of it too). At that time, would I want to be treated equally to a non-pregnant man? I don’t think so. And if we are really equal, who deserves the last seat on the bus – a pregnant female or an overweight male who has to carry around as much weight as she does? I know pregnancy is an extreme example but it perfectly demonstrates that we are not equal. Additionally, why would men and women compete in separate categories of sport if they were really equal?

Do you girls enjoy getting your drink paid for on a date, or having a man hold the door for you? You do? Well guess what – this wouldn’t be happening if we were equal! Now we are close to explaining why I am not and will never be a feminist. I actually don’t want to be equal to men because I believe us females have the upper hand in many many situations. So if guys want to have the upper hand in let’s say making more money in a job – sure go ahead! (At the end of the day, they will spend the extra cash buying us ladies drinks and flowers…)

I am not a feminist because I have used (and abused) the fact that I am a female in countless instances in personal and work life. I even dare to claim I wouldn’t get where I am today if it wasn’t for my feminine nature. On a daily basis, I used my femininity to make colleagues (especially pilots) comply and to keep customers in check. I also enjoy all the little favours men do for me simply because I’m a female. If I was to become a feminist, I would have to give up all this and my life would become considerably more difficult.

So next time you call yourself a feminist, think of all the occasions when a man paid for your drink, and reconsider… Anyway happy International Women’s Day to all my feminist friends who are fighting for equality of sexes. Oh, and speaking of equality: When exactly is the International Men’s Day? Don’t you know?? Even though men and women are meant to be equal?

When the International Men’s Day arrives on 19th November 2019, you better celebrate it and cause as much humbug as you do about the International Women’s Day, because after all – both sexes are equal, right?

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