Get a fast food mega feast for £3 (or a completely free burger and chips)

Before we begin, let me point out that I have just applied for a job as a wellbeing consultant and mentioned to my potential future boss that I run a blog which is all about mum fitness and wellbeing. Now she will click on the link I gave her and….oooppps…. a fast food feast! So Gemma, my future boss, if you are reading this, please scroll down and focus on all the posts about running and exercise, and ignore this little slip up 😉

So, if you’ve been munching on carrot sticks and salad leaves since 1st January, you are officially allowed to be naughty for a day. Here is how you get this feast for £3:

It’s all about the apps. Step 1: Download the KFC app which will automatically grant you three loyalty stamps just for joining. Those stamps will give you a free side, which includes any drink (no champagne, sorry). I went for coffee as my little baby supervillain didn’t allow me to sleep last night. Step 2: Use the “two snackboxes for £3” offer in your app (expires on 27th January). You can choose from classic, popcorn chicken or mini breast fillet, each of which comes with a serving of chips. Step 3: Download the McDonald’s app and treat yourself to a completely free hamburger or cheeseburger (valid until 25th January). Step 4: Combine above mentioned items into a super naughty mega meal and stuff your face. Or, uhmmm, be sensible and share it between your family with generous servings of salad 😉

Alternatively, if you don’t want to spend any money at all. Use the McDonald’s offer to get yourself a burger and three KFC stamps to add chips! A completely free meal!

Oh, and since my blog is all about fitness, now go run a half marathon to burn all the naughty naughty calories! Enjoy (both food and running)!

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