How to reduce your electricity bill

Winter is coming. You better get that heating on and wait for the dreaded electricity bill…

You all know how passionate I am about saving every penny so when I recently met a lady who was a real pro at reducing your electricity usage and therefore your bill, my heart rejoiced. Based on her advice and on what I have already been doing I put together a little guide on how to save you some cash.

  • Switch it off

Do you have TV on in the background without actually watching it? Switch it off. Is there a little light on your washing machine, microwave, printer and other devices you’re not currently using? Switch it off. Are you home alone but your light is on in three different rooms at the same time? Switch it off. Is your fancy baby monitor on even at times when your baby doesn’t need monitoring? Switch it off. Do you leave your router and TV on when going on a holiday or a weekend away? Switch. It. Off.

  • Insulate

Traditionally, British houses are terribly insulated, side effect of which is that you can hear your neighbour fart and sadly winter chills comes in. You might not be in a position to insulate the walls or get a double glazed windows, but there is still something you can do. Start with draught-proofing that is easily achieved with the use of a draught window seal, a draught excluder for your door and some thick curtains. Visit the Energy Saving Trust website for more info.


  • Shop around

I have a friend who switches her electricity supplier every year and saves over £100 each time. The process is actually easier than you think. To compare prices and find out which supplier offers you the best deal click here.

  • Warm Home Discount

Have you heard of Warm Home Discount? No one has. It is a one-off sum of £140 towards your electricity bill. Find out if you qualify and apply on your supplier’s website – simply type you “Warm Home Discount” and the name of your supplier into Goole. But hurry – it is awarded on a first come first served basis each autumn.

Finally, you can visit Community Council for Berkshire website for more information and many useful links.

Now that you saved yourself some cash, go spend it on wine that will warm you up from inside so you can turn your heating down and save even more money that you can spend on wine etc etc 😉

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