You better shape up! Core workout with a baby

Ask anyone who has anything to do with any kind of sport (yup, even the dreadlock-head in yoga pants) and they’ll all confirm the following: Strong core is the key! It will make your life easier, from picking up that little bundle of screaming joy to carrying out all sorts of other motherly duties. Besides, strong core leads to better abs. Yeah, you heard me! A-B-S! Let’s tone those bellies!

Following my post on workout ideas with a baby, here are some core core exercises (if you pardon the pun):

  • Baby sit-ups

As ifย the dreaded sit-ups were not difficult enough, now you have to do them whilst holding a baby!? Fine, go have a Big Mac instead but…did you know that your husband’s new co-worker is an ex glamour model and finds him kind of hot?

  • Plank


Hoooollldddd it! For as long as you can. Time yourself and aim for a few seconds more each time. Don’t forget to entertain your bubba by reciting a rhyme ๐Ÿ˜‰
Also, make sure you engage your core – not your back, otherwise you’d be in pain and will be hating me.

  • Plank variations

There are many plank variations so don’t be afraid to get creative. My favourite one is “forearm to full plank”:


Start in the plank position, then move and straighten your arms, one at a time. Right afterwards go back down to forearm plank, again one arm at a time. And prepare to have your hair pulled ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Leg raises


Beside leg raises, you can do many similar exercises (single leg lifts, leg scissors etc.) while holding your baby up above your chest. You might get thrown up on so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  • Press-ups


Okay, it might seem that press-ups are all about arms but I promise you they tone your midsection as a whole. There is also a ladies option – to drop on your knees instead.


These exercises should give you a good basis for a decent core and abs workout. Don’t worry if you can’t turn into Wonder Woman straight away – it takes time, bit by bit, increase reps each day until you’re so strong that you’ll finally gain authority in your household and even the neighbour’s dog will fear you. You go mama!ย 






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