Workout ideas with a baby


Hey mamas! So you want to look good but have no time & money for the gym? Don’t despair! As promised, I put together a few exercises from my routine that is perfectly achievable with a baby. Actually, the baby is an important component of it. All you need is spare 15 mins a day. Plus, I’m pretty sure your little one will have a blast being moved about and watching you sweat 🙂

  • Pram lounges

Step forward with your pram and lounge. Alternate legs.

  • Squats

Use your baby as a medicine ball. Squat and lift him up.

  • Hello firm bum!

Go on all four and lift a leg up. You can also hold your leg up for a certain period of time, or bend your knee lifting your leg to the side. There are many variations… Your child will probably try to pull (and eat) your hair so watch out.

  • Bench press

As your child gets bigger you will get stronger 😉

I still have in store some tips for core and abs exercises that I’ll share with you soon. God knows we need them! In the meantime start slowly and build it up. Be creative. Your baby is probably the cutest piece of gym equipment you’ll ever have, so enjoy!

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