Freebie alert: Tommee Tippee nappy disposal system

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t find another good freebie! From now on, your little one can poop as much as they wish since you will be able to store their toxic waste in an odour-proof Tommee Tippee nappy disposal system – completely free (RRP 27.99).


This is how you get it:

You need Amazon Prime (or free trial) and a baby wishlist that is easy to create. Ad some baby items worth at least £10 into your wishlist and then purchase them. When making your purchase throw the nappy disposal system into your basket. When you check out its price will be deducted so you’ll get it completely free. This promotion ends 15th August.

When I was pregnant I was convinced that a nappy bin is one of those items that are just a waste of money… I couldn’t have been more wrong! With Derry’s poop performance of 2-3 “surprises” a day my nappy bin is a life saver! Zero smell and zero mess! Praise the lord for this miraculous invention!

Oh I almost forgot – I have a brand new one for sale as I got too many freebies. If you want it, it can be yours for mere £6 🙂 Hail poop!

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