Freebie alert! A pack of 260 WaterWipes for free :)

From my previous blog you all know I love a good freebie. Here is the latest one I discovered: if you’re an Amazon Prime member and have/create a baby wishlist, you can receive a free value pack of WaterWipes (260 wipes). All you have to do is spend £10 on baby items from your wishlist.

This is how it works: save items to your wishlist and shop as normal. Add a value pack of WaterWipes (4×60 wipes sold by Amazon) to your basket (make sure you have the right item) and the price will automatically be deducted at checkout.

If you’re not an Amazon Prime member you can get a free trial as long as you cancel within 30 days. Btw the WaterWipes promotion lasts till the end of June.

Now let’s do some maths: to qualify for the freebie I bought a pair MAM bottles and spare teats that I needed anyway. In Boots they retail for £13.50 and £5.09. On Amazon they were £7.50 and £4. Plus £10 for Waterwipes (they are currently £9 on Amazon but I’m comparing to Boots prices). So overall I spent £11.50 on items that would cost me £28.59 if bought on the high street. That’s £17.09 saved! Bargain!

Any questions please ask, and let me know about your favourite bargains!

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